BlueStacks Offline Installer Free Download

If you are one of the Windows 8 users who gets annoyed with the miserable choice of apps or a user of Mac OS X who desires an Android experience by not purchasing any extra hardware components, BlueStacks presents them a virtual Android setting, having full accessibility to Google Play store and Android Environment.

The Features

Even if BlueStacks cannot follow the whole Android experience, this is simply the excellent and smoothest solution to operating Android apps from your PC. The most remarkable characteristic of the BlueStacks software system is cloud connectivity. It denotes that the user can, in fact, sync their Android mobile with BlueStacks to instantly carry over applications, updates, images, text messages, and so on. There are a number of ways to access phones distantly on Android as well as iOS. However, none of such facilities are as fluid as synchronizing to the software- BlueStacks.
The whole thing is as easy as pointing or to do the clicking. Some mouse gestures such as clicking on and dragging down are smooth in following the finger movements on the touchscreen. The settings menu of BlueStacks will also permit the user to customize some options, which are not as easy while interpreting from a touchscreen mobile to the desktop. The App Player being equipped with Layercake will offer the applications to you for installation and the inclusion of other applications is in process.

Getting BlueStacks Offline Installer

If you indeed want to enjoy such a free of cost and easy to use Android emulator, you have to download BlueStacks on your system. Here are some easy steps to follow for getting BlueStack Offline Installer.
  1. At first, download BlueStacks by clicking on the green button at the end of this post.
  2. After the file gets downloaded on your computer, install it by double-clicking on it. You would then push on- the continue button- to go on to the subsequent
  3. All of the options must be right to leave checked. Move the pointer to install and await the installation to be completed.
  4. It will take from five to ten minutes to entirely install the BlueStacks for PC.
When the installation is achieved, the app player ought to auto-launch. In case, it does not do so, you will get the program icon on the desktop or go to the program menu from the start menu.
BlueStacks app opens with a while white mixed gray screen having four buttons on the top.
  • My Apps- It shows the apps that had been installed.
  • Top Charts- It shows what the most accepted apps were at any specified moment.
  • 1-Click Sync – It sent applications from BlueStacks to the mobile or tab, but never vice versa
  • App Search- It allows us to look for apps and install them on our system.
Once done, simply go to search bar located at the top right corner and search for any application you want to have on your PC, in a similar way you do on your Android Device.

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