Camera 360 For PC Download for Free

The human beings of today are self-obsessed. The biggest proof of this comes from the Word of the Year 2013: Selfie! A selfie is a photograph of you that you take yourself using the phone’s front camera. Now that calls for a phone camera which is HD-enabled and has a high megapixel. Luckily the smartphones of today offer such built-in high-end cameras. However, it is not only the HD camera that makes those selfies look like a million bucks. Certain apps known as photography apps are used to enhance the pictures by adding amazing and really cool effects. One such app is Camera 360, which is available on Android and Windows 8 and 8.1 smartphones. However, this cool photography app can also be used in any Windows enabled PC using Bluestacks.


Camera 360 is a very popular app and has over 18 million hits on the Google Play Store. Moreover, there is a large community of followers for this app. There are three modes with which this app comes with, they are Easy Camera, Effect Camera, and Sony Camera. The app is also built with a third-generation image processor. This enables the app to enhance images to a comparable quality. Further, there are a lot of different and exciting effects that can be added to a particular image in order to elevate the image quality to the optimum level. All you need to do is click a photo using any of the above-mentioned modes and then apply the filters and effects of your choice.

Getting Camera 360 for Windows PC:

Android apps are not readily available for a Windows-enabled PC or laptop. In order to run Android apps on your PC, all you need is an emulator. An emulator basically makes cross-platform applications compatible with each other. There are several emulators available in the market for running Android apps on other platforms. Some of them are YouWave, Andy and Bluestacks. However, the best of the lot is free and easy-to-use, Bluestacks. It is an emulator for both Windows and Mac platforms.  So here’s how you can get this app for your Windows PC using Bluestacks.

  • Download Bluestacks’ latest Windows version from here.
  • Use your Gmail id to create a play store account after selecting the language
  • Search for “Camera 360” in the search bar
  • After you reach the app page on the play store, click “Install”. This will download and install the app. You can also download the apk file for the app beforehand. This can save you some data.
  • You will get a notification when the app has successfully been installed. You can also see the icon of the app on the main menu. Launch the app by clicking on it in the Bluestacks software.
If you follow these simple steps you can get this wonderful app for your PC. Now you can take those amazing selfies and group photographs like everyone else, using this app. Try different combinations of effects and pick out the one you love most. Play with it and have fun!

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